Lighthouses represent beacons of hope.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hello followers. I said I was going to post more in November, and I was still being a lame slacker. I'll try harder. The good news is I am returning to work almost a year to the day after going out due to my health. I made some good choices lately, returning part-time instead of trying to continue with unrealistic full-time work. I am just lucky I am able to return to work. The majority of those with APS eventually are not able to. I will probably be there at some point myself. It just isn't today. Wish me luck. I'll keep you posted how it's going. I promise! Also, I added a link to an APS friend who blogs about her journey with APS. Her name is Kristina, and has become an inspiration to me. She has a positive outlook despite her challenges. Her link is "Life With APS" on your right

Monday, November 19, 2012

I apologize I've been a slacker on my blog. I spend so much time on the APS site on Facebook, I have neglected this site. I intend to post in the coming months and see if there are any comments left. At the urging of my Rheumatologist, I started a new medication about 6 weeks ago. It's called CellCept. It is an immunosuppressant. The goal is to suppress my immune response, so I can avoid APS going out of control and avoid an all out attack like I went through last winter. My goal is to stay well, and keep from having a full body clotting catastrophe again. It has been a difficult medication, causing even more fatigue than I already had. I'll keep you posted! My current goal is to get back to work. My Doc wants we to not go back too soon. I want to try right after New Year. I need to work, it's who I am. Everyone have a great Thanksgiving Holiday.